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01.07.2010 Roskilde Festival 2010:
Official Opening By Øm Motherfuckers

Join the official opening of Roskilde Festival 2010 on Thursday 01.07.10 at 16:00. Two brave gentlemen will speak up on behalf of the masses against the evils of this world in general and Camp West in particular.

You will find us at Camp East, Section L79 – look out for the giant Øm Motherfuckers banner.

16:00 Official Opening – Schedule

1) Statsminister Espen Granrud (N) gives his view on the world at this very moment.

2) Sundhedsminister Lasse Mestervom (S) speaks on health and other important issues regarding the human body and the wonderful and curious things you can do with it. Volunteers might be needed.

3) Statsministeren rings the bell and officially declares Roskilde Festival 2010 in effect!

4) Statsministeren totally rocks with an acoustic version of his own smash hit: 'Hun Er Aldeles For Ful Til At Bli Kørt Over' (She Is Way Too Ugly To Be Hit By A Car'). followed by D:A:D standards and lots of cheers.

5) As the massive roar from the ØMMF audience fades out you might just be able to hear the weak whisper from the Orange Stage as they make a faint attempt at their unoffical opening of the festival.

Øm Motherfuckers

The Death of Ronny Krabbesen (RIP)

The final days of legendary Ronny Krabbesen finally revealed:

> Død mands sidste timer kortlægges
Bagbandt og druknede sig selv

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Baile Funk

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> Dåse Allan
> Esben Danielsen
> Leif Skov
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> Dan Eggen
> Mark Strudal
> Ruben Bagger



Entombed Enjoys
A Loaf Of Limpa With
Øm Motherfuckers

Always aware of friends' needs Øm Motherfuckers supplied Swedish death metal rockers Entombed with a fresh loaf of limpa as well as a framed cover of the new ØMMF remix: 'Some Limpa Morning'.

Petrov and the rest of the band was very pleased, making an oath never to open the sacred bread.

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