Øm Motherfuckers ØMMF Propaganda News

Parking tickets: 9 [Denmark, Sweden]
Speeding tickets: 10 [Brazil, Chile, Denmark, Lithuania]
Fines for missing customs documents: 1 (Hungary)
Sentences for forgery: 1 [Denmark]
Detentions with 120,000 US$ bail: 1 [Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire]
Fines for disturbing public order: 8 [Denmark]
Traffic accidents, number of trashed cars: 6 [Denmark]
Fines for sleeping on railroad tracks: 1 [Denmark]
Fines for climbing on roof of public buildings: 1 [Denmark]
Arrests for illegal immigration with deportation after 400 $ bail: 1 [Manaus, Brazil]
Arrests for illegal immigration with 250 $ fine: 1 [Rio de Janeiro, Brazil]
Fines for late return of library material: 24 [Denmark]
Fines for bicycling on pedestrian street: 1 [Denmark]
Arrests for stealing of giant inflatable Martini bottle: 1 [Denmark]
Punishment for theft of go-carts: 1 [Denmark]
Theft of tractors: 2 [Denmark]
Blackmail regarding return of stolen goods: 1 [Denmark]
Burglary for the purpose of stealing Mars chocolate with 1 year suspended sentence: 1 [Denmark]
Fines for driving an illegal vehicle: 4 [Denmark]
Fines for driving a two-wheeled vehicle without helmet: 2 [Denmark]
Fines for driving a two-wheeled vehicle with passenger: 1 [Denmark]
Fines for not paying television licence fee: 4 [Denmark]
Fines for not having train ticket: 6 [Denmark]
Suspended sentences for bicycle theft: 1 [Denmark]
Physical punishment for stealing a moped: 1 [Denmark]