Øm Motherfuckers ØMMF Propaganda News

1974 ØMMF is established

1980 ØMMF launches the Fantasihulen membership lounge

1987 Cooperation between ØMMF and FEA Crew

1987 Merger between ØMMF and Osted Tigers

1987 First ØMMF yearly world assembly in Varshult, Sweden. To be held every year onwards

1990 Two ØMMF radio shows on air

1991 First well established ØMMF camp on a muddy Roskilde Festival

1992 ØMMF celebrates Danish victory in Euro 1992 with 3x5 meter Dannebrog in Øm city

1993 Legendary ØMMF Y'All banner flies over the ØMMF camp, Roskilde Festival

1994 ØMMF goes to the Netherlands on crash tour

1995 ØMMF in control of Danish football club Langvad GF

1996 ØMMF hang out with Mary Jane during Cypress Hill gig in Roskilde

1997 ommf.dk is launched

1997 First Vase Cup Winners: Copenmaniacs

1997 ØMMF is joined by Statsministeren (N)

1997 Peace treaty between ØMMF and South Central Herslev

1997 Acquisition of the ØMMF speech platform

1998 First offical opening of Roskilde Festival by ØMMF

1998 Second Vase Cup Winners: Djarnis Drengene

1999 ØMMF launches own clothes label

1999 Third Vase Cup Winners: Djarnis Drengene

1999 ØMMF is joined by Sundhedsministeren (S)

2000 Fourth Vase Cup Winners: Bastards

2000 The ØMMF Hotel on Gl. Landevej reopens for hard core card players and players in general

2001 ØMMF wins a BMW Z3

2001 First ØMMF raid on Brazil

2001 Cooperation between ØMMF and Melones Gigantes

2002 Second ØMMF raid on Brazil

2002 ØMMF finance hotel chain in Oaxaca, Mexico

2002 ØMMF defeats British Airways in court

2003 ØMMF sponsors South Africa's national women's syncronized swimming team

2003 ØMMF sponsors own motocross team, Team ØMMF

2003 Third ØMMF raid on Brazil

2003 ØMMF takes over Hotel Store Klint

2003 Motherfucker Of The Year: Tin

2004 Fourth ØMMF raid on Brazil

2004 Motherfucker Of The Year: AT

2005 ØMMF defeats FC Zulu in court and on the field

2005 Fifth ØMMF raid on Brazil

2005 Motherfucker Of The Year: Laz

2006 Sixth ØMMF raid on Brazil

2006 Øm Motherfuckers On The Roskilde Festival Board Of Advisors

2007 Motherfucker Of The Year: Tommelstok